torsdag 14. august 2008

do chris brown got a baby?

These rumors of famous celebrities having babies with unknown women is kinda getting old, but on the real could Chris Brown be the daddy of this 4 year old? read the juicy bits below as Chris Brown and his Current Lady love enjoy a ride at Kings Dominion. A Local Virginia native, Michelle Gasper, a 19 year old from Tappahannock, Virginia called her local radio station Saturday morning claiming that singer Chris Brown and herself had been in a relationship for over 2 years before he signed a record deal, and released his self-titled debut album in 2005. She claimed that the two first started dating in 2003, when they were both only 14 years old. Gasper claims that the two engaged in unprotected sex numerous times, and she had agreed with Brown to acquire in an abortion before later giving birth to her now 4 year old son, Deshante Gasper in July 2004. Gasper also claimed that her relationship with Brown had persisted well during the time he first signed a record deal with the label, Jive Records in late 2004, but his mother, Joyce Hopkins insisted that he ended the relationship with Gasper, having the fear of the public knowing of him being the father of a child, which she thought would tarnish his future music career.

i found this photo on a page, so i dont know if this is the kid!?

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